Welcome to the
Wellness Cleanse program

We offer 3 cleanses, the Whole Food, Juice and Bone Broth cleanse. Please see individual pages for specifics on each cleanse. Below are some tips to help make your cleanse as effective as it can be.

This is an opportunity to establish a more mindful outlook, one that will enrich and nourish your health both in both body and spirit.

Pick up is between 7:00 -9:00 am the day* of, or 5-6 pm the evening before at 33 Danbury Road
3 day cleanse $190
5 day cleanse $315
* Sunday pm pick up by appointment only.

To prepare you should…

Begin now by cutting back on dairy, meats and processed foods especially sugar. Cut back on caffeine. If you are a coffee drinker try some green tea. Start your day with a cup of warm lemon water. Wait to have your coffee till breakfast. If you don’t cut back on caffeine before you cleanse you will need to switch from coffee to green tea. Add more water to your diet; room temperature or warm is best and adding lemon is nice.

Buy a scented candle or a few flowers and clear a space on your bedside table. Make sure your tub is clean because you will be taking baths this week. Drink Water or Tea all day. Dig out a travel mug or water bottle to make your water or tea source convenient throughout the day.

Plan your day ahead so you can get to bed earlier than usual, (this is very important).

The point is to go to a quiet space for a bit before you retire. Shortened days are not only restorative during a cleanse. They also mean less time to think about eating.

Exercising is ok while cleansing. Don’t overdo it though. Your calorie in-take is fairly low. Taking a sauna or steam is a great add on. Walking or swimming is perfect, try to do this every day. If you have a tennis match, golf outing or intense yoga session on the schedule, grab some almonds or walnuts for the day. We can also prepare a more substantial smoothie for the morning if helpful.

Snacking… You may nibble on veggies throughout the day. Remember we are trying to deconstruct cravings. If you want salty have celery if you want sweet have some carrots. If you feel uncontrollably hungry have a couple of almonds (no more than 10-15), but stop and eat 1 almond at a time: chew, chew and chew.

Really Breathe. Every day 2 -3 times a day go outside and take 10 deep slow breaths. This additional effort will add to your cleansing experience and help you get the most out of restoring balance in your body and mind.

~Peace; Kathy

Begin a cleanse

$60 deposit to begin. Each day you will receive a cooler bag with your mason jars of food/juice. Please return your used jars and cooler bags each day. A refundable $25 fee will be added to deposit and returned when all jars and cooler bags are returned.. Happy and healthy cleansing!

Please note eating large quantities of leafy and cruciferous greens and consuming grapefruit can interfere with some medication. Consult a doctor if you have any questions.

I have consulted my doctor about eating large amounts of greens and any medications that may interfere

We’re sorry, you must consult your doctor before registering for a cleanse. Please return once you have been cleared by your physician.

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