Bone Broth Wellness Cleanse, with nourishing and healing broth.

  • • Begin each day with a large room-temperatue water with lemon
  • • You will enjoy five broths a day.
  • • Papaya, dandelion and ginger teas will also be provided.
  • • Probiotics and fiber supplements will be included as well ( see cleanse hand-out for more info. )

In addition to coconut pulling it is also recommended that you “enjoy “ 1 tsp. of coconut oil as a mid- day treat. This can be eaten directly off of the spoon or stirred into a warm broth.

You will take a hot bath each night and we have added ½ cup of baking soda to our epsom salt mix. Please stay in your bath as long as you can, dry well and don’t put anything on skin after bathing (see additional hand-outs for benefits of epsom soaking with baking soda.) If you must moisturize do so in the morning with a light oil; sesame, jojoba, almond or coconut. Please don’t put anything on your body while you’re cleansing that you would not put in your body… (not a bad idea even when you are not cleansing

Some will argue that the best medicine we can take is “sleep.” It recharges everything from the brain to skin, the digestive system aka (fasting), joints, muscles, mind and soul. Take this bit of advice; sleep is by far the most important part of your day.

Lastly, the most important and best part of a broth/soup cleanse is it’s zen nature; warm, steamy and nutritious! Whether you sip or spoon it in, make sure to take the time to sigh and appreciate the good you are doing for your body. Let this week be a gift to your self and enjoy being Well nourished.


Begin a cleanse!

Below please list any foods you are allergic to, we cannot accommodate specific requests of preference but will do our best to provide you with a well-balanced seasonal menu each day.

Please note eating large quantities of leafy and cruciferous greens and consuming grapefruit can interfere with some medication. Consult a doctor if you have any questions.

Each day you will receive a cooler bag with your mason jars of food/juice. Please return your used jars and cooler bags each day A refundable 10.00 fee will be added to deposit and returned when all jars and cooler bags are returned.. Happy and healthy cleansing!

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